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Where can I walk to?

"So where can I walk to?"As they say in real estate, location is everything. Well in a vacation rental it is the same. And we feel we have a pretty good location in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I scratched my head to come up with away to show that and I decided a good criteria would be: "Where can I walk to in 15 minutes?"Wouldn't it be nice to stay someplace where you didn't need to get into the car, but could just walk out your door and be somewhere interesting in just minutes? Well I went on Google and found we have 35 restaurants, night clubs, play houses, historic centers, and art museums all within a quarter mile from us. They are all just an easy short walk away. (Or you can take one of our bikes for a pleasant 5 minute ride.)There are another 26 attractions between a quarter mile and.6 mile where Las Olas Blvd. starts. Las Olas is our famous shopping street like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. It has a mile of storesand some 20 or so more restaurants - a must see when you come. So if you just want to sit on the balcony and have a glass of wineand enjoy the view, or take a pleasant walk or bike ride, ourlocation is pretty impressive and hard to beat. So ask "that other place" where you can walk to if you staywith them and see what they say!

One of my favorites

This is specialClick here

Ralph and friend headed to Briny Irish Bar in the Kayak(walking is also an option)